The Magic City Nutcracker was established in the winter of 2012 by Kelly Avery, Stephanie Thompson, Angel White, and Leslie DuPont, dance teachers in Birmingham, Alabama, who have a passion for dance, philanthropy, and local arts organizations.

Their vision was to create a new version of the traditional nutcracker ballet, where local talent comprises the entire cast. The directors of the Magic City Nutcracker represent professional dance companies and various dance studios throughout the Birmingham area. The Magic City Nutcracker is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization that offers a portion of its proceeds to local charitable agencies with each performance. The directors hope to inspire the next generation of artists to pursue their passions and encourage young dancers to support other local arts organizations. 


The Magic City Nutcracker is committed to supporting and maintaining the highest quality of artistic vision as a nonprofit, volunteer based organization using local community talent and providing a beautiful holiday tradition for the city of Birmingham.